Codefest 2020 Projects

by Sam Ebersole on 2020/11/1

Here's a collection of some projects from Codefest 2020. While of course there were more than four projects, these are just from the teams that opted to be in this showcase.

Neophyte Movers: The Climate Game

Neophyte Movers

Team Members

  • Farhene Sultana
  • Gabriella Gonzalez
  • Jeremy Chen
  • Gabriella Alexis
  • Warren Ball
  • Darren Zhang


"Our team implemented a web application in a team of 6 by creating a choice game to educate kids on climate change awareness efforts. It was done by developing the user interface using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to create an interactive text-based game that encourages children to make environmentally friendly decisions related to specific climate zones, e.g. rainforest, urban."

Phoebe: Pear


Team Members

  • Luis F. Uceta
  • Ivan Henson


"Pear is a static site generator written in the Raku programming language. It uses Mustache to do its templating. Put briefly, Pear takes a bunch of Markdown documents under certain directory and generate the HTML for a site."

HunterScript++: ClusterDuck


Team Members

  • Marin Marinov
  • Ajani Stewart
  • Josh Winton
  • Belinda Liu
  • Stephen Ku
  • Brandon Foster


" - We wanted to make something that will allow computer science majors to seamlessly communicate with another.

  • We wanted this app to be the better version of Piazza, stack overflow, and Facebook all combined.
  • This app allows users to make an account and post questions/advice to other computer science majors.
  • The more a user contributes, the more points they earn for helping out the community.
  • Users can reply to one another, like/dislike the other user's posts and view each other's profiles."

Tech stack and hosting are included on the readme.

Team Cool: Laser Chess


Team Members

  • Boaz Kaufman
  • Sam Ebersole
  • Jack Cruse


"We implemented the board game Laser Chess in the open-source engine Godot. There are five boards to play on. Download the .dmg or .exe and .pck files from the repo, run it, and play!

The main menu includes a ""how to play"" section, but here are some notes not included:

  • Hit Escape during a game to return to the main menu
  • Two edges of the board are colored light blue and pink: blue pieces cannot move onto pink spaces, and red pieces cannot move onto light blue spaces."