Codefest 2020 Pictures

by Sam Ebersole on 2020/11/2

The final event of CF 2020 was held at Google's NYC office, where everybody had the chance to show off their projects to both other participants and to Google employees. Zamansky, the Codefest team, and coordinators from Google gave speeches at the beginning of the event.

Zamansky Opening Remarks

Afterwards, each group showcased their projects to roving Google employees, who gave feedback.

Googler Inspects Group Project

Two Groups Showcasing at a Table

Two More Groups Showcasing at a Table

A few groups also gave presentations from the stage.

Group Presents a Game

I'm pretty sure this group was presenting ClusterDuck, which you can check out over on the projects blog post.

Group Presents

Group Presents a Website

Finally, we took group pictures. One of the entire group:

CF Participants Group Photo

...and one of the organizers:

CF Organizers with Zamansky